Kristoffs Main Courses

A La Carte Main Courses

 PORK AND PEPPER STACK £12.95 Hand made pork and apple patties stacked with black pudding on a light cream, and cracked black pepper sauce.

 CHIANTI LAMB £13.95 Tender lamb shank in a Chianti and field mushroom sauce cooked slowly until tender.

 HONEY CHICKEN £10.95 Strips of chicken breast in a rich wholegrain mustard, honey and cream sauce.

 WILD LAMB £14.95 Best “Driffield” Lamb cut from the rack and pan seared then smothered in a dark creamy field mushroom sauce.

 BENTLEY DUCK £14.95 Roast “Bentley” Duck breast cooked until crisp and juicy then sliced and bound in a that famous Hoi Sin sauce.

 SALMON THERMADOR £12.95 Fresh Salmon Supreme poached served with a creamy, wine, mushroom and Prawn sauce

 CHEESY MUSHROOM PASTA £9.95 A delicious blend of cream, wine, strips of mushrooms, penne pasta and melted mozzarella served with garlic bread.

 MUSHROOM STROGANOFF £9.95 A pile of mushrooms cooked in our famous rich tomato, brandy, paprika and cream sauce served with a timbale of rice.

 GARLIC PORK £11.95 Pan fried medallions of pork tenderloin in a creamy garlic and rosemary sauce All main courses served with fresh vegetables and new potatoes or shout if you prefer chips!

 10oz RIB EYE £12.95 , 8oz SIRLOIN STEAK £13.95 OR 8oz FILLET STEAK £17.95 Cooked to your liking and served with onion rings, mushrooms, grilled tomato and chips.

 DIANNE SAUCE £2.50 Cream, tomato, mushroom, paprika and brandy.

 AU POIVRE SAUCE £2.50 Cream, onions and Cracked black pepper.

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